Thursday, June 21, 2007

Why is this blog called "Let's Look at the Llamas"?

I used to ride quite a bit when I was younger but then I got sidetracked for a couple years. When I started up again, I rode solo. That was fine for about a year but it was hard to motivate myself. There is a local group of riders that have regular organized rides. I decided to go to one of these just to check it out. Although I wasn't riding extremely long distances at this time, I was mildly surprised to find that the group actually stopped along the route to look at a group of llamas. When they first said "up ahead are some llamas" I thought we were just going to glance at them as we passed. Oh no! We came to a complete halt for several minutes!

When I got home I told my wife "I don't think I'll go on any of these rides again". When asked why, I said "we stopped and looked at llamas". I did end up riding with the club again though, at my wife's suggestion, but picked the rides more carefully. That year I completed my first of many century rides.

Although the club didn't work out for me it helped me get my riding to the next level. I met many local riders who shared my goals and I still ride with them even though most of us have left that club. We all share a desire to improve our speed and stamina. (The old club called us "the fast guys" which they might have meant as an insult but we'll take it as a compliment.)

Our main reoccurring ride is the "Wednesday Night Hammer Fest" which leaves from the Crown Point YMCA every Wednesday at 6PM. This ride is geared towards riders of all abilities. Some fast and some average. I have used this ride as training for various races. The lead group in this ride often treats it as a race with attacks on hills and sprints to the finish. Generally we go out and try to hurt each other (in a good way).


My name is Bill and I ride a road bike in NW Indiana. This blog is a work in progress.